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Last October when I first met Stan Romanek, he shared with me some very startling information that I have withheld until this point, March 2002. The reason being was that this evidence of his UFO encounters was so astonishing and unbelievable that it took many months of follow up investigation before it was felt it would add credibility to this true story, rather than detract from it, because of its sheer bizarre character.

Stan and around fifty other people witnessed close hand, a pulsating red orb UFO on three occasions, shown on this page: Red Orb UFO. The very first time this was encountered was outside Stan's place of work in Lakewood, Colorado. On that occasion Stan's boss ran inside the office and brought Stan and others outside to look a this strange object hovering outside the building. When Stan left work to go home the object appeared to follow him, and upon arriving at his sister's apartment (at which he was presently staying), this object was videotaped from a distance and witnessed by at least two other people. This initial sighting of the red orb UFO was followed during the next couple of weeks by two subsequent sightings, the video presented on the main UFO page at this site Main UFO Page.

What has not been presented until now is the following:

When Stan went to bed that evening he had a "dream" of three "possum people, with short bodies, snouts, and big eyes standing around his bed." His sister, had a strikingly similar "dream" from a separate bedroom of the same creatures entering the apartment through the glass balcony doors.

When Stan woke up, his sister found him very agitated for no apparent reason. Further, and completely bewildering, he discovered identical rings of raw skin around both wrists and fresh scooped out depressions on his back at the base of either side of his spine. Stan reported this as well as other details of the case to George Zeiler, MUFON investigator. About a month after the incidents, Mr. Zeiler arranged for a photographic session to document these markings on Stan's body which were still present to some degree.

When 15 watt ultraviolet black light illumination was applied to these areas of Stan's body, strong fluorescent yellow, orange, and green coloring appeared underneath the top layer of his skin. Mr. Zeiler then scrubbed all of the areas with Phisohex disinfectant soap, which had no effect on the coloring.

Due to the nature of regular photographic film under ultraviolet light, the intensity and absolutely striking nature of the fluorescent coloring underneath Stan's skin is not as readily seen in photographs, and the patches of yellow and orange are seen as lighter contrasting patches, seen in the photo immediately below.

I personally saw this phenomenon for myself, under simple LED blue lighting in my own home, and it nearly knocked me off my feet. My own skin, including scar tissue on my leg and elsewhere absolutely showed nothing similar and no fluorescent coloring that was obvious on Stan.

In the remaining photographs, I have altered the contrasting plain film fluorescent patches to match the appearance I witnessed with my own eyes, giving them the same orange color, and staying exactly within the boundaries of the changed color areas visible on the film.

The same black light illumination revealed no such phosphorescent coloring on any other individuals on any part of their bodies, and this phenomenon was exclusive to Stan, and the places where the overnight hand injuries occurred. There is absolutely no present explanation for this dramatic coloring under black light, except that similar cases in UFO abduction have occurred where the skin is seen to glow for unknown reasons under ultraviolet illumination.

In the following weeks and months, Stan felt the increasing presense of something inside his wrist joint, accompanied by a gritty sensation. He felt that the area should be x-rayed, but both time and money were limited for this. In perhaps the most bizarre example of coincidence, on March 13, Stan was hit by a car in a supermarket parking lot, where he was knocked unconscious and woke up in an ambulence. He was taken to the hospital were he was examined and x-rayed for his injured arm, and was found to have a concussion and a broken arm.

The X-ray revealed a small triangular and pointed object embedded in his wrist joint in the area of fluorescent coloring of previous discovery. Upon examining this x-ray film, the doctors were completely baffled and had absolutely no explanation for the appearance or meaning of this object, which has not yet been removed. Stan has no idea why such an object would be inside his wrist joint.

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